Student Profiles

As our campaign highlights, there are a significant number of student – especially those from less well-off backgrounds – who may have to abandon their plans to become lawyers as, in the absence of living cost support,  they cannot afford to fund themselves through a year of postgraduate study.

A number of students have offered to share their stories, and their worries and fears for the future, to demonstrate that this is a very real issue.  These profiles will be published here:

  •  John Doyle, 21.  A fourth year student about to graduate from the University of Edinburgh who has applied to start the DPLP in September but does not yet know whether he will be able to afford to go ahead with it.
  • Cheryl Laird.  A third year student at Edinburgh University facing the prospect of not being able to turn her achievements and enjoyment of studying law into a career in the legal profession.
  • Lauren Reid.  Lauren graduated from her LLB in June 2012 but cannot afford to undertake the DPLP.  The student support arrangements deny her the route to the legal profession taken open the better-off students who graduated alongside her.

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