What does the DPLP cost?

(These figures are based on the costs at the Edinburgh Centre for Professional Legal Studies for the 2012/13 academic year, for the full-time DPLP course)

Course Costs

  • Academic Fees: £6,300
  • Materials Costs: £400     (non-optional!)

It is understood fees at other Universities are comparable.

Living Costs

Clearly, living costs are difficult to put a firm figure on as individual circumstances will vary greatly.  This campaign has used the figure of £5,000 – £7,000, noting that the Scottish Government has accepted £7,000 per year as a realistic minimum living costs for students.  Although the course completes in May/June, most traineeships do not commence until August or September, so a full year’s living costs are reasonably included.

It should be noted that the DPLP is an intensive course with a large proportion of contact time.  Students are advised not to work whilst studying.  Whilst, anecdotally, some students do successfully hold down part-time jobs, working hours are severely restricted.

Total Costs

For the purposes of our campaign, we have assumed a total figure of £11,000-13,000 as the cost of the year’s studying.  Even with the unqualified availability of the fees loan of £3,400, it is clear that this gives an overall financial cost of £8-10,000 for DPLP students.


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