NUS President welcomes opportunity to contribute to debate

NUS Scotland are key advocates for wider access to undergraduate and postgraduate education.  They have been following the progress of the Campaign for Fair Access to the Legal Profession and produced a briefing paper to support the recent members’ debate in the Scottish Parliament.

NUS Scotland’s President, Robin Parker, will also be speaking at the forthcoming event Fair Access to the Legal Profession: Questions of Justice and Education, being held in the Scottish Parliament building on 23 October.

Speaking to CFALP, Robin Parker welcomed the opportunity for NUS Scotland to be involved in the debate and emphasised the need for the Scottish Parliament and employers to take proactive action to make the legal profession more reflective of Scottish Society:

NUS Scotland welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the debate on access to the legal profession. We believe that the Scottish Parliament has a responsibility, together with the universities and the professions themselves, to make access to all forms of education fairer, and take proactive action to make professions of societal importance, including the legal profession, more reflective of Scottish society.

As our recent research report, Unlocking Scotland’s Potential, found, Scottish higher education remains far too unrepresentative. This has change, and we should rightly be able to hold up a mirror to Scottish universities and see a proud reflection of Scottish society. That’s why we’ve launched our latest campaign at, calling on the Scottish Parliament and universities to do all they can to improve access. And when we’re looking at professions like law, employers rightly have a role to play too.

We look forward to speaking with politicians, students, fellow campaigners and members of the legal profession at this event. We hope it may mark the beginning of a process of engagement between all the relevant stakeholders and that the education and training of future lawyers may become an example of fair access to be followed by other professions.

A limited number of places at the event are available for law students and recent graduates, especially those who have been, or may be, excluded from the profession by inability to fund the DPLP. Places are also available for a cross-section of law students and legal professionals interested in the issues of fair access to the DPLP and the profession.   To register your interest in attending, please complete the online form at


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