Speakers announced for Scottish Parliament fair access event

As recently announced, Marco Biagi MSP will host an event titled “Fair Access to the Legal Profession: Questions of Justice and Education” in the Scottish Parliament on the evening of 23 October.

Speakers for the event have now been confirmed:

Marco Biagi MSP

Marco is the SNP MSP for Edinburgh Central. His constituency includes the University of Edinburgh and he has a strong interest in issues around access to higher and further education.

Mike Dailly, Govan Law Centre 

Mike is a prominent solicitor and social justice campaigner.  Mike will discuss why a representative legal profession is the cornerstone of a fairer and more just society.

Robin Parker, President, NUS Scotland

NUS Scotland are key advocates for wider access to undergraduate and postgraduate education. Robin will present a non-lawyer’s perspective and discuss the links with wider issues of access to the professions. 

Tim Haddow, Campaign for Fair Access to the Legal Profession

Tim is a mature law student and previous Vice-President of the Edinburgh University Law Students’ Council. He is a member of the steering group of the student-led Campaign for Fair Access to the Legal Profession. Tim will discuss the issues from the perspective of law students. 

In addition to short talks from the speakers above, the event will also hear from law students affected by the financial hurdles in the route to qualification as a lawyer. The formal part of the evening will include opportunity for MSPs, speakers, law students and other invited guests to discuss the issues raised informally over tea and coffee.

A limited number of places at the event are available for law students and recent graduates, especially those who have been, or may be, excluded from the profession by inability to fund the DPLP. Places are also available for a cross-section of law students and legal professionals interested in the issues of fair access to the DPLP and the profession. 

To register your interest in attending, please complete the online form at https://cfalp.wordpress.com/cfalp-event-23-october/event-registration/


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