MSP to host Scottish Parliament event on fair access to legal profession

Image © Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body – 2012. Licensed under the Open Scottish Parliament Licence v1.0.

Marco Biagi MSP will host the event Fair Access to the Legal Profession: Questions of Justice and Education in the Scottish Parliament on the evening of 23 October. 

The event will provide an opportunity for politicians to meet with law students, fair access campaigners and members of the legal profession. The event will focus on how to ensure all with the right ability and ambition can compete equally to enter the profession, regardless of their social background or economic circumstances.

The event follows on from the recent debate in the Scottish Parliament. During the debate MSPs of all parties recognised the challenges placed in the way of aspiring lawyers from less well-off backgrounds. Contributing MSPs also spoke of the need for government, the profession and the universities to work together to help ensure Scotland’s legal profession is representative of the society it serves.

Tim Haddow, campaign coordinator of student group Campaign for Fair Access to the Legal Profession, welcomed the news of the event:

We were really encouraged by the recent parliamentary debate. It showed that many MSPs, from all political backgrounds, share our concern about access to the legal profession. We also acknowledge, as MSPs did, that this is not just an issue for government; the profession and the universities must also be involved in any debate. There are also links to wider questions of access to undergraduate and postgraduate education.

During the debate, Roderick Campbell MSP described this as an issue that will not go away. So we were delighted to be invited by Mr Biagi to be involved in the event on 23 October. It is a real indication that parliamentarians across the political spectrum are interested and concerned about fair access. By providing a forum for politicians, the legal profession, the universities and aspiring lawyers to begin to discuss how to move forward, we hope that it will be the start of a conversation that will lead to real changes. 

A number of places at the event are available for law students and recent graduates, especially those who have been, or may be, excluded from the profession by inability to fund the DPLP. Places are also available for a cross-section of law students and legal professionals interested in the issues of fair access to the DPLP and the profession. 

To register your interest in attending, please complete the online form at


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