Edinburgh University Students’ Association Statement

Following a meeting between a representative of the CFALP steering group and Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA), EUSA recently issued a statement lending support to CFALP’s arguments and campaign objectives.

In the statement, James McAsh, President of EUSA comments:

Tuition fees and living costs are two key financial barriers to postgraduate education and currently there is just not enough support available for postgraduate students to ensure that all those who are able to pursue study at that level are able to do so. This is a huge barrier to widening access to the professions in particular where postgraduate study is essential.

The £3,400 that is currently available towards the cost of tuition fees for the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice (DPLP) is well short of the total sum for fees and living costs. This means that many able students cannot overcome the financial barriers to be able to study the DPLP because they are not able to fill the gap in funding.

James also reiterated EUSA’s position on postgraduate funding:

Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) is calling on the Scottish Government to introduce a postgraduate loans system in Scotland which will cover all upfront tuition fees and provide postgraduate students with a minimum income of £7000 living support. The Scottish Government has recognised that this is the level of support that students need when at University and have increased support for undergraduate students. It is no different for postgraduate students.

The full statement is published on EUSA’s website here.


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