Access to the Legal Profession: Scotland on Sunday article (6 May)

Update: 13 May.  My letter, on behalf of LSC, responding to this article was published in today’s Scotland on Sunday.   See link to SoS website (here) or text of letter (here)

Prompted by the Law Society of Scotland’s announcement that, as of this year, Training Contracts would only be registered if they paid at least the national minimum wage, Scotland on Sunday ran an article entitled: ‘Unscrupulous legal firms ordered to pay trainees’.

Although the journalists concerned did speak to us in preparing the article, it was disappointing to note that it did not really touch upon the impact of the DPLP costs on deterring people for applying for training contracts in the first place.

The article is not online.  However, it did contain a few helpful quotes, including from Liz Campbell, Director of education and training at the Law Society of Scotland:

What we are concerned about is a situation in the future where someone who has family backing has that option [taking an unpaid traineeship] and others don’t.  We want access for all.

Robin Parker, President of NUS Scotland, was also quoted:

The fundamental problem with unpaid internships and traineeships is that they entrench privilege, as only a small group of people can afford to work for free to gain the experience needed to get a paying job.

Clearly, these quotes apply equally to the issue of the funding gap for undertaking the DPLP.


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