Spreading the message

Online Publicity for the Campaign

We have had some good responses through pushing the campaign (and this blog) via twitter (using my twitter feed: @TimHaddow).

As you may have seen, the campaign has featured in:

I’ve also seen a significant number of re-tweets including from some influential legal tweeters and this blog has also had well over 300 views in the 36 hours or so since it went live.

Further Meetings

Over the next week or so, I have meetings pencilled in with the Education and Training Director at the Law Society of Scotland and with the Edinburgh University Students’ Association President and representatives from NUS Scotland.  I understand EUSA and NUS have a meeting coming up soon with Mike Russell, the Cabinet Secretary for Education.

I also hope to meet Jenny Marra MSP and see whether there’s been any progress from her perspective following my meeting with a member of her staff last week.

Background Media Coverage

I’ve added a page summarising media coverage to this site, including some media coverage of the background to the DPLP Funding changes.  I hope to be able to add to this as we gain more coverage!

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