University of Edinburgh announces bursary for PG Students (including DPLP)

Update (and some good news…) on the diploma funding issue for those who have applied to the Edinburgh Diploma. You may have already spotted this but the University have just announced a bursary programme for PG students. There are around 100 bursaries available each worth £1000. *Please note* these bursaries are open to all Edin Uni PG students on courses which share the funding mechanism of the DPLP, so it doesn’t mean that there will be 100 bursaries for the DPLP. In past years, the DPLP made up approximately one-third of places on these courses, so that gives an indication of the level of competition likely.

Bursary award will be on the basis of need, not academic merit. For more details see:

Prof McAra has said that she is negotiating for some additional bursary funding for DPLP students that qualify for the wider Uni scheme. I will provide an update if I hear any more. We have seen no further movement from the Scottish Government. However, I am meeting with another MSP on Thursday who is interested in taking the issue forward. I am also scheduled to meet the EUSA President and NUS Scotland. They have a meeting scheduled with the Cabinet Secretary for Education, so this will be another opportunity to have our case put to the government.

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