Update on contacts with MSPs and others

As mentioned previously,  the letter to the Cabinet Secretary was copied to the local MSPs.

We’ve had the following responses:

  • Kezia Dugdale and Neil Findlay have replied saying Sarah Boyack would be taking the issue forward on behalf of the Labour list MSPs.
  • I have been invited to meet Gavin Brown next week.  He has the opportunity to ask a Parliamentary Question to Mike Russell next week.  Liz Smith (the Conservative’s Education Spokesperson) has also been involved in setting this up.
  • I have also arranged to meet Marco Biagi during his regular surgery next week.  It turns out he is also the Parliamentary Liaison Officer for Mike Russell, so probably has a good chance of raising the issue in the right place within the Government.
  • I had no response from David McLetchie (although he may be assuming his party colleagues are dealing with it), Alison Johnstone or Margo McDonald.

We’ve also been in touch with law students at Glasgow University, Glasgow Caledonian Uni and Strathclyde Uni.  We’ll try and keep them updated on the campaign and see if they can support us.  We’ve had no luck tracking down contacts at the other LLB Unis.  Any suggestions welcome….

Update:  Another student was able to meet with Alison Johnstone, who was very supportive of our campaign and has offered to assist.


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